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Nashua Creations original RAM SKULL HORSE MASK!


Original sculpt by Bethany Wurl of Nashua Creations. This is for the raw cast resin horse mask for you to paint and style to your unique vision!


1/9 scale, fits many performance friendly Breyer, Peter Stone and artist resin horses. The original sculpt was made using a Breyer Bobby Jo for reference. 



Dimensions: 3" length x 4" width x 1.5" height

Scale: 1/9 (traditional)

Material: Silcast II Urethane white resin

Preparations: Can be easily sanded & painted. Unfinished castings are subject to discoloration, yellowing and chalking when exposed to direct or indirect sunlight and should be painted, coated or sealed. Using oil based primer will improve paint adhesion. 


**It is forbidden to cast this item or scan for 3D printing. I do not consent to have my work duplicated and sold** If you see this item being sold elsewhere as someone else's design, I would appreciate a notification.

Ram Skull Horse Mask - DIY UP/UP

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